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VRML | Pepperland | The Hallway | The Dungeon


Click here to enter Pepperland.
(be sure you have a VRML player installed before clicking the above link)

Note - the Cortona Player appears to have a render problem in many browsers on Mac OSX (the view port is shifted upwards), however you can still navigate the scene. It works OK in Firefox and Deskbrowse. I have not tested it on Windows, feedback would be appreciated!

SGI users can use the Cosmo Player plugin with Netscape 4.76; copy and paste this link to access the vrml world directly: http://www.jonathanmortimer.co.uk/personal/pepperland.html


This was my first forey into VRML modelling and scene building. It is quite obviously based on a scene from Yellow Submarine, one of my favourite films, near the beginning when the Meanies attack. Although I kept on developing it I still lacked the knowledge required to make it truely dynamic, I tried with the animated butterfly and detail management in the flowers, but unfortunately the book which might have helped me was out of print and had become impossible to find. Now I have moved on and have little interest in going back to it, and it doesn't play very well in Mac and PC players (it was designed with Cosmo Player in mind using Cosmo Worlds on an SGI Indy/Indigo2). It's good to still be able to navigate through my early attempt though.

Pepperland? Bit salty round the edges

I started work on The Sea of Holes and got so far with it, but unfortunately lost all my work when I accidentally wiped my hard drive! I also made a very nice model of the Yellow Submarine but lost that too. That kind of killed off my enthusiasm for a while, and other factors in my life meant that VRML took a back seat.