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VRML | Pepperland | The Hallway | The Dungeon

The Dungeon

Click here to enter The Dungeon.
(be sure you have a VRML player installed before clicking the above link)

Note - the Cortona Player appears to have a render problem in many browsers on Mac OSX (the view port is shifted upwards), however you can still navigate the scene. It works OK in Firefox and Deskbrowse. I have not tested it on Windows so feedback would be appreciated!

SGI users can use the Cosmo Player plugin with Netscape 4.76; copy and paste this link to access the vrml world directly: http://www.jonathanmortimer.co.uk/personal/dungeon.html

Further Note! - I've been having problems getting The Dungeon to work with VRML viewers (namely Cortona) on Mac OSX, you can try it if you like but it may not work.


I had a go at creating a creepy, mysterious interior in the form of a dungeon, comlete with an escape tunnel through a twisty cave system. I experimented with flickering torches and lighting, directional sound, triggers and events. I had the idea that this could form part of an adventure game, this was long before things like the online 3D role playing games that are around today had become so popular, they were just telnet text adventures (MUDs - Multi User Dungeons) back then! Unfortunately I lacked the programming expertise to integrate my VRML scene with a multi-user rpg system.