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Upper Body Work - December 2002

I decided to have some upper body work done for the first time while I have owned the car. I knew it would be expensive, but it would hopefully be well worth it, and it was! As the mechanics worked they pointed out much more rust than I first thought there was, which increased the price somewhat; they did a very good job though. The finished result is only marginally different in colour to the rest of the car (ever-so-slightly lighter shade of metallic blue) and what's more I know they did a good job because I saw it at regular intervals as it seemed to take forever to do, and I kept going to see how they were getting on.

Beetle Body Work A new panel was welded on behind the driver side door, a new wing too, and a rear valet plate (the previous one was rusted to nothing!) They welded a new boot seal ledge too, filled and smoothed all the bumps on the welds, undercoated and painted the whole rear driver side corner of the car. There were one or two complaints - the rear light fixture captive nut got lost, though it had only been welded on in some previous repair; the rear bumper did not fit properly, but that was due to the bracket (and bumper) being slightly bent. A new bracket was later fitted to partially solve this problem, and the light fixture was secured in place. Apart from the cost and these minor problems, I am still very glad and happy with the new bodywork. Next on the list will probably be the front wings, as they are rusting around the headlight surrounds, but definitely next is the front valet plate, which is rusting away and only hanging on by a thread.

February 2003

I realise I have owned my car getting on for five years now. My initial goal was to run the Beetle for five years - the Five Year Challenge! I had no idea where I would be by that time, but through thick and thin I have found the money and made the sacrifices to keep and run it. Here's to making that September 2003 Five Year Anniversary!