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Third MOT - January 2001

I no longer rent a garage, I simply park it up the street out of the way. I surmised that if it can rust away as it did in the garage, it's jolly well not going to cost me 300 a year for the pleasure! With that money I can have the car fixed. Sorted. I still hear from the money pit now and again, only this week I discovered one of its little ploys, a weakened part of the underframe which I'm having a garage look at this week. Best to keep a check on these things and have them done right away, before they grow and cumulate into one big MOT repair bill. I also have a replacement wing mirror which hasn't broken off yet(!) It vibrates when I drive faster than 45.

March 2001

More welding at the latest MOT, plus we had to change the steering connecting rod and a track rod end, no great deal as it was quite a simple matter of undoing some bolts and swapping the old rod for a new one. We discovered, though, that the old one had a bend in the middle; I suspect it was meant to be there, maybe a last minute design change. The new one works fine and it passed its MOT so I have confidence that everything is OK.