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The stereo

What's so special about a car stereo? Well, my car had one for ages but it didn't work, nor was there a speaker (the previous owner must have really liked that speaker!), nor did I have any real clue as to how one was supposed to be fitted to a VW.

A simple matter really, included here more as a point of reference than as any great achievement. The speaker was secured in place with tie-wraps as the screw holes did not match up well enough with the car screw threads, and was earthed to the chassis. The stereo was secured in place between the air intake and the dash board (where else?) where it was supposed to be (and fitted like a glove I might add, I have read about Beetles which have stereo's fitted inside the glove compartment), the positive wire went to the spare fuse spade connector, and the earth went to the chassis (is there a theme here?). The aerial plugged straight into the stereo, the stereo turns on, it works, I'm all proud of a job well done! It's surprising how well you can hear the stereo above the sound of the car, I suppose it all sounds a lot louder (the engine, the rushing wind, etc) when there is no other noise to compare it to.

Now I will be able to enjoy the sound of music while I drive through the hills and valleys of this land!