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I've always been fascinated by all things miniature, toy cars are a common interest amongst younger kids but I was encouraged by my parents to make plastic kits and balsa wood planes. As I built model after model my skills and eye for detail improved, so that today I have a keen eye for painting small details, and somewhat of a perfectionist nature. I built a model of the Starship Enterprise which is a little over two feet long and pretty detailed, the 'space dirt' was applied with pastel powder, then a matt varnish applied to seal it in and also to protect the decals.

As well as physical models I am also interested in the computer generated kind, i.e. 3D models, and with my SGI's I can make almost any model I like if I am prepared to sit down and do it. Making 3D models takes preparation, time, patience and skill; some models only get as far as the preparation stage. If I knuckle down and get on with it I am rarely disappointed in the results.