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Games have always been important to me, and still are. Whether it is for the challenge, excitement, or interaction, I'll jump at the opportunity to play. I prefer ones where you have time to think about your next move, such as strategy games, but I also like the story-based first person shooters found on computers and consoles.

Astrowars On the subject of games, one should not forget the humble beginnings of home video games, I refer of course to the Grandstand arcade games which came in a silver cabinet with a screen, a small joystick and a fire button. Astro Wars always was my favourite, but there were others which were equally amazing at the time.

Among my favourite board games are ones made by Games Workshop, Space Hulk being the most exciting to play in my opinion - the game is played on a map made out of corridor sections which join rooms together, you take control of one or two squads of five Terminator Space Marines, the objective is to complete the mission while avoiding being ripped to shreds by the evil alien-esque Genestealers, which are 'controlled' by the other player ('controlled' usually means running at the Space Marines in large numbers!) I also like to collect older figures and paint them in their original colour schemes.

Space Hulk

I've played a lot of computer games, ever since our first computer which was a Commodore Vic 20. I tried my hand at programming (or, rather, copying programs from a magazine) but they invariably didn't work. Who could forget old Vic 20 classics like Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Starship Escape, or those cartridge based text adventures - The Count, Pirates - and Gorf. Thus started my interest in computers...

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