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I have always enjoyed cycling but haven't always been keen to do it. Confused? How do you think I feel!! If it is a nice sunny day I like nothing more than being outside cycling along, smelling the country air with the sounds of harvesting and that special smell of freshly cut corn.

But if it's windy I am likely to hate it as it takes ages to get anywhere and it always seems to be a head wind! Those long uphill drags seem to take a lifetime to climb and all the effort required means I don't get very far. Cycling in very strong winds during winter over exposed moors is NOT my idea of fun! I don't mind the cold as once you're going you get warmed up and it's more of a challenge to endure it. Unfortunately cold is usually accompanied by strong winds in the winter. Being rained on isn't so bad either as you soon dry off if it's a warm day. Rain on a cold windy day is just painful.

For the last 14 years or so I have been riding a Dawes Galaxy which was a birthday present all those years ago; it is midnight blue and was rebuilt with quality parts and authentic Dawes stickers. I must have cycled over 3,000 miles on it during this time, as I was a member of the Ryedale CTC for a while; I'd go out every Sunday with the local group. Now it is a bit scratched and rusty in places but I love it, it's such a cool bike.

Dawes Galaxy