What is this page?

It's a bit of shameless advertising for products and services that I use and that perhaps other people may be interested in too. It's main purpose is to promote eBid and my listings there.

What is eBid?

eBid is the best alternative to eBay that I have come across - it is online auctions the way they should be: free to list, unrestricted (within reason), with a friendly community and real people running the site. They have their own online payments system, PPPay, which I reckon is a lot safer than PayPal, but pay close attention to the fee structure - it's FREE to use for PPPay account to PPPay account. One of the best parts for me is that the eBid site owners allow you to accept any payment method you choose and do not virtually hide all others in favour of their own in your listings (as eBay do with their huge PayPal logos and forcing all sellers to offer it); I offer Google Checkout with all my listings on eBid. If you're serious about having a fair platform on which to sell things online then give eBid a go, it's free to sign up and list so you've nothing to lose! The more the merrier, so tell your friends.

Want the eBid vector logos and other promotional stuff?

I've created some vector graphics based around the eBid logo and visual style, they can be found here.

Other stuff?

Things I have bought / downloaded and enjoyed using, with links on where to buy / find them. Also links to useful or interesting websites such as PayPal Sucks, quite an eye-opener. I will be adding more stuff as and when time permits.

PayPal Sucks!
Read real life horror stories and people's experiences, it was enough to put me off using the service for good. The more you read about it, the worse it gets!

EBay Angers Sellers, Pleases Buyers
Read the comments after the article, they tell it like it really is.

EBay Live 2008 - Seller Revolt
YouTube - A seller heckles the speaker, the hall is almost empty.

EBay Live 2008 - Sellers Voice Concerns
YouTube - Sellers explain how the new feedback rules are impossible to work with, eBay have no answer.