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On this page you will find all of the promotional goodies I have created for the eBid online auction site. They are free for anyone to download and use, and come in three flavours - one is a hi-res tiff file ready to print or use in your own designs, the second is a hi-res jpeg file in case you are unable to make use of tiffs, the third is the original Inkscape SVG vector file in case anyone wishes to tinker or customise the designs, or include them in a vector based design layout. SVG files should also open OK in graphic applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Although I have created these in Inksape, the logo designs remain copyright to eBid, in the interests of maintaining the corporate image the logos should maintain their present colours.

To download simply right-click on a text link and choose to save the linked file.

eBid logo - text

Hi-res TIFF (122K) Hi-res JPEG (45K) SVG
eBid logo text version

eBid logo - flat

Hi-res TIFF (276K) Hi-res JPEG (102K) SVG
eBid logo disc version

eBid join button

eBid join button

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The old red and purple logos have been moved to my archives

eBid banner